Press Reviews


» Fantasy Filmfest – boundary-crossing good. «
Abendzeitung München, 2018

» Fear Good Movies. You don’t have to be a nerd to love the Fantasy Filmfest. «
In-münchen, 2018

» There is much talk about the collective experience of cinema. At the Fantasy Filmfest, it is practiced as in no other place. «
Blickpunkt:Film, 2017

» The Fantasy Filmfest combines art and commerce in an outstanding line-up. «
Stadtrevue Köln, 2018

» For the 30th edition, the organisers once again put together a line-up that has little to do with the genre ‘fantasy’, but is fantastic in its own way. «
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 2016

» For those who already know that a ‘slasher’ isn’t a heavy metal musician and Freddy Krueger not a German entertainer, the Fantasy Filmfest is a must. «
Süddeutsche Zeitung, 1999

» Once again the gateway to hell opens, spreading the worst perversions, the most gruesome nightmares, but also the most beautiful fantasies onscreen. «
Berliner Morgenpost, 2001

» The most beautiful thing about the programme of the Fantasy Filmfest is that this mixture of the ambitious and the deranged, of extravagance and mainstream fare, does develop a unique charm. «
Lift Stuttgart, 2000

» Bloody beautiful. «
Stern, 2006

» Scary little treasures from the swamp of cinema. «
Gießener Anzeiger, 1996

» For its fans, the Fantasy Filmfest has long since acquired the meaning of a ‘cinematic drug dispensing’ «
Szene Hamburg, 1997