For those who want to watch more than just a few films!

Each purchase of a festival pass includes the current festival t-shirt, plus our programme booklet sent via post about a week before the start of the festival.


Deadline for ordering a festival pass is 06. August 2021.

Please transfer the the amount first!

To: Rosebud Entertainment GbR

IBAN: DE43 200 303 00 047 915 00 01




As soon as we have received the amount and the order, you will receive a confirmation by email.

No pictures with headgear or dark glasses please


BERLIN  12.–19.09.2021

210.00 €

order your Festival pass Berlin


HAMBURG 05.–12.09.2021

210.00 €

order your Festival pass Hamburg


Munich 05.–12.09.2021

210.00 €

order your Festival pass München


STUTTGART 12.–19.09.2021

210.00 €

order your Festival pass Stuttgart

Festival T-Shirt

There are two style options for our festival t-shirt: The classic boys’ shirt and a more fashionable girls’ shirt. Sizes: Boys S - XXL, Girls S - XL Should a female customer prefer the classic boys’ shirt or a male customer the more fashionable girls’ one, that's no problem - we just have to know.

So don’t forget to specify your shirt size and choice of style!



Attach a passport photo to your email, if possible as a JPG (no PDF) in sufficient resolution.



Send us the amount due via bank transfer shortly after your email. Only once we have received both (transfer receipt on our bank statement + photo) is the festival pass confirmed and you will get a confirmation via email.

Ordering for someone else:

You can order a festival pass for someone other than yourself too, just give us the name of the person and let us know where to send the confirmation.

For further inquiries, please also include your daytime telephone number!


Unfortunately we do not accept reservations.



06. August 2021

This is the latest date for orders for the Fantasy Filmfest, provided there are still passes left. For all orders arriving later, timely processing is not guaranteed. As soon as a city is sold out of festival passes, we will publish this here immediately.



Festival passes and t-shirts are handed out upon presentation of the confirmation email, from about 1 ½ hours before the opening film at the counter or cashier of the respective cinema. Of course, you don’t have to be there for the opening to collect your material and can also pick it up at a later time.


If there are two screenings of the same film in one city, the seat reservation for festival pass holders is always valid for the first screening date.

You can only attend Fantasy Filmfest at the age of 18. If you are so fortunate to look younger than your age and have already been denied access elsewhere because of that, please attach a copy of your ID with your festival pass order or carry the ID with you in the cinema.